The Movement Lab at its heart is a Strength, Conditioning and Performance Centre. Our overarching philosophy is to pursue excellence in all that we do and to create a positive environment for others to achieve their physical goals.

The gym is full of amazing kit -  from Wattbikes and Concept 2 Ski Ergs to Belt Squat Platforms and Glute Drivers.  No matter your aspirations, whether it be getting fitter, stronger, more powerful or robust, we have everything you need. 

Additionally, we have a Physiotherapy clinic attached operated by award-winning Physiotherapists working in elite sport.  Our Physios also have lots of experience successfully dealing with patients ranging from Parkinson's Disease to Amputations.  As such, you may be a 15 year old aspiring-Gymnast, an 80 year old hiking-enthusiast, or a 55 year old who has just had a knee replacement; it doesn't matter - you are treated like a professional athlete. 

No stone is left unturned.  Your assessment is extensive and thorough, your treatment evidence-based and utilising modern technology, your rehabilitation led by current strength & conditioning science and take advantage of our amazing gym. 

Our Physiotherapists, Soft Tissue Specialists, Strength & Conditioning coaches and Personal Trainers are hand-picked and subject to rigorous assessment processes.  They represent our brand, and as such, we expect highly. 

Whether you're someone trying to improve their physical abilities, or you're struggling with pain, our promise to you is an insatiable pursuit of excellence.