We offer Physiotherapy services for all musculoskeletal complaints.  

We have successfully served thousands of clients in Preston, South Ribble, Chorley and the Fylde Coast (with some clients coming from as far as London, Halifax and Kendal!).  

During your Physiotherapy treatment and rehabilitation programme, you will have free access to our fantastic Strength & Conditioning facility. 

Our Approach

1. Initial Assessment  (60 minutes) 

During the initial assessment we will have a conversation about when the pain started and any incidents that may have led to the development of pain.  We will then perform a thorough physical assessment, utilising hand-held dynamometers to gauge accurate strength readings.  The end-result of the initial assessment is to develop a working hypothesis as to what is currently causing your pain.  If further assessment is needed, we have excellent links to Ultrasound, MRI and Xray facilities at substantially reduced costs. 

2. Initial Treatment (60 minutes)

Our intention is always to empower you.  If after the first assessment we feel you would benefit from a period of relative rest, with some rehabilitation exercises, we will advise that you go away and get these done.  However, in some circumstances, we may feel some hands-on therapy is required.  This may consist of soft-tissue massage and/or release; joint manipulation or mobilisation; or the use of some of our more advanced techniques such as Acupuncture, Dry Cupping or Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation. 

Again, this depends on the patient.  With some we will spend the entire 60 minutes doing the above.  With others, we may feel some time should be dedicated to specific rehabilitative exercises.  This is at the Physiotherapists discretion. 

3. Ongoing Treatment (60 minutes) 

This will usually begin with a brief physical re-assessment to see how you're getting on, followed by some soft-tissue/joint mobilisation techniques, and finally, some time in our state-of-the art in-house Gym to further enhance your rehabilitation programme.